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Recycled & Natural Materials

Photo: Crusher


E.E. Green also offers both crushed and recycled aggregates, with a range of different materials available.

We have the latest technology in crushing machines with a modern tracked crusher, giving us an output of 150 tonnes of concrete every hour!

Our crusher and power screen are available to hire and we can crush materials on our own site or if you prefer at your designated site.


E.E Green & Son also offers a screening service with the tracked warrior power screen. With this machine we can screen materials more efficiently resulting in better prices for our customers.

Recycled Materials

With recycled materials, there are a number of different grades we are able to offer they are listed below:

  • 2 Inch down type 1 Crushed Concrete
  • 3 Inch down Crushed Concrete
  • 2 Inch down Crushed Tarmac
  • 3 Inch Down Crushed Tarmac
  • 3 Inch down Crushed Brick Rubble
  • Recycled fill material
  • Recycled top soil
  • Road Planning's

Natural Materials

We also have a range of natural materials, all of which are listed below.

  • Graded Top Soil
  • Normal Top Soil
  • Sharp Sand
  • Soft Sand
  • 10mm, 20mm, 40mm Stone
  • Hoggin
  • Ballast
  • Sand Fill

All natural and recycled materials can be delivered in a minimum of 1 tonne to a maximum of 20 tonnes per load.

Please contact us for further details.